4 Signs You Have Head Lice

4 Signs You Have Head Lice

Identifying head lice can be an overwhelming experience, so it is helpful if you discover the infestation early before the lice have a chance to multiply and spread (a female louse can lay up to 100 eggs in her 30 day lifespan).

Here is how to recognize a lice infestation so you can identify it quickly:

1st Sign: Continuous Scratching of the Head

Repeated scratching specifically behind the ears and at the nape of the neck can certainly be a symptom of head lice infestation. We all scratch our head from time-to-time due to Dandruff, Eczema or even Psoriasis therefore ensure you check thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.

2nd Sign: Small Sores or Bleeding Spots

Lice bite the scalp to feed on blood to sustain life; these bites can obviously create small sores that may bleed.

3rd Sign: Irritable Behaviour

Lice are always active on the head, even when one is sleeping therefore the itching induced by these pests can cause irritability due to sleeplessness.

4th Sign: Recent Exposure to Lice

Exposure to an individual or children with an active lice infestation is not a guarantee that you or your child will contract lice, but it can increase your child’s or your own chances. If you discover that you have had contact with an infested individual, simply perform a head check to verify if lice are present or not.